Crown of Happines

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With you, I want to throw myself joyfully into the stream of life.

The happy memories of the moments I’ve shared with you intertwine creating a crown of happiness.

Material: Twill silk
Size: 65x180
Color: Turquoise
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Silk can be used to weave many different kinds of fabric. Terms such as ‘twill’ and ‘satin’ thus tell us how the fabric was woven.

Twill: A shiny silk fabric woven so as to produce a pattern of diagonal parallel ribs.

Cleaning instructions: Dry-cleaning is recommended for silk items. If you wish to wash your silk garments by hand, wash silk garments separately and always use a special detergent meant for natural silk, or Marseilles soap. Wash the item quickly in a large quantity of water, do not tubmle dry. Stretch garment into its original shape and iron on the reverse side when still damp. Stains can be removed with trichroloethylene, available from pharmacies.